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Flaming canyons 1929 image medium

Flaming Canyons (1929)
Production Company: Castle Films. Transfer Note: Copied at 20 frames per second from a 35mm print preserved by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences from source material provided by EYE Filmmuseum. New Music: Stephen Horne. Running Time: 13 minutes.

Flaming Canyons was released by Castle Films in 1929 as part of a series called “Castle Color Novelties.” The film is a feast for the eyes, featuring a stunning palette of stencil colors in red, orange, pink, green, yellow, pale blue, and light brown. These colors are overlaid onto images of the famous canyons of the American Southwest: Zion, Bryce, and the Grand Canyon. As is common with travel films, Flaming Canyons ranges across multiple scenic highlights, condensing a trip that would take several days in person into a running time of just over 13 minutes on screen. The purpose of such films was two-fold: to promote actual tourism to the region, and more broadly, to provide a vicarious tourist...

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